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Do you do weekend walks?

We can offer these occasionally but only by prior appointment. Price upon request.

How many dogs do you walk at any one time?

Never more than 6. Prefer to be a content and well attended to 3/4 per pack walk.

What if my dog doesn't like other dogs?

Dogs behaviours are taken into account when we arrange walks. Most dogs tend to be better when not with owners - as with small humans! If you feel more comfortable, they can be walked on the lead or Solo Walks are also available if pre-booked.

What if my dog has medical needs?

We are First Aid trained here at The Dog Walker. If your dog has anything specific requirements - please do make us aware and we will incorporate these where we can and allow for ailments, etc where possible.

Where do you walk the dogs?

I'm going on holiday, can you still walk my dog?

We are happy to walk your furry friends in your absence. Please just make us aware you are away and we have full knowledge of house guests. Also, any change in emergency contact, etc.

What if it is raining? Will you still walk my dog?

No such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Rain or shine - we will walk your buddy!!

Do you walk big cats?

We can walk any animal if requested. Potentially dependent on how big the cat....lions and tigers are a firm no.

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